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What types of clients do you work with?

My goal is to help improve the lives & businesses of as many people as I can. I enjoy working with a large range of people, from college students to small business owners to those of you looking to  leave the workforce, downsize and move forward into the next, exciting phase of your life. 

Do you only provide the services listed here?

Helping you to improve your productivity, work/life balance, time management skills are among a wide variety of services I offer. 

do I need to live in your area?

Any location is fine. I work with clients from around the world. We can work via phone, email, skype or on-line meeting service. 

i'm interested in your evernote services. Do I need to know how to use it before I call you? 

I offer Evernote training for the complete novice as well as to those who have been using it and would like to become more proficient in its higher-level uses. 


Do I have to be tech-savvy to work with you?

I work with clients with any amount of comfort level when it comes to technology. Do you prefer an "analog" approach to life? Not a problem. 

What are your hours?

I can work around your schedule as needed but I am typically in my office Tuesday - Friday.